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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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What role should the Humanities play in American society?

Reflective essay 3
For your Essay, you will address the following theme:


What role should the Humanities play in American society?


Consult the directions under Assignment

Descriptions for more on how to write the Essay.Make sure to check the relevant discussion boards for more clarity on the various. you will be given a topic to write on.  You will introduce the topic - stating a clear position you will take on the topic.  Then you will offer descriptive analysis on the topic that touches on these things: technology, cultural diversity and the relationship of the individual to the community.elements you will bring to bear in your essay.


Assginment Descriptions.

Your essay should thoroughly describe its position and back its analysis up with rational arguments containing believable premises logically connected to their conclusions.  It should be approximately 1100 – 1500 words in length (that’s text – not works cited, title pages, etc).


Essays will be scored as follows:

  • Introduction: The essay has a clear introduction that identifies the topic, says a few words about it, states a clear position and clearly states the conclusion it intends to reach. (10 points)


  • Descriptive Analysis: The essay clearly describes and analyzes the topic, building a rational argument using believable premises logically connected to their conclusions.  At least five of the readings are referred to and properly cited.  References to class texts are relevant to the analysis being offered. (60 points)



  • Conclusion: The essay has a clear conclusion, consistent with the introduction, which follows logically and coherently from its descriptive analysis. (20 points)


  • Style: The essay is written at a level appropriate to a college-

level Humanities class.  Proper citation is employed. (10 points)