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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Vision & Non-Visual Senses & Applying Hypothesis Testing

(Part 1)  Vision:::

Locate and read a recent full-text article from the Capella Library about a one aspect of vision (for example, color vision or depth perception). Describe the aspect, the optical and brain structures that acquire and recognize it, and the impact of damage to these structures.


(Part 2)  Non-Visual Senses:::

Locate and read a recent full-text article from the Capella Library about one of the non-visual senses and a related phenomenon (for example, the cutaneous senses and pain, or the vestibular system and motion sickness). Describe the phenomenon, the related sensory and brain structures, and how damage to one or more of these structures can impact the sensation or perception of this phenomenon.


(Part 3) Applying Hypothesis Testing:::

For this discussion, answer the following questions:

What is a null hypothesis?

What is an alternative hypothesis?

Articulate a null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis for a research study that pertains to your area of specialization.(My area of specialization is Sport Psychology)

What conclusions can be drawn from this study with a “statistically significant” result?


(Readings For Parts 1 & 2)

Complete the following:

In your Physiology of Behavior text, read:

Chapter 6, “Vision,” pages 164–206.

Chapter 7, “Audition, the Body Senses, and the Chemical Sense,” pages 207–254.

Read Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System, pages 12–17.