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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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The Meaning of Globalization

Discussion Required Readings Resources

•Muller, G. H. (2014). The new world reader: Thinking and writing about the global community (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

oChapter 6, “The Challenge of Globalization: What Are the Consequences”

•Emling, S. (2006, February 25). Know thy culture: Few do at home, abroad. International Herald Tribune, p. 18.


To prepare for this Discussion:

The Meaning of Globalization

•Read the Emling article and the assigned essays in Chapter 6 of the Muller text. Focus on the effects of globalization that the authors discuss. Also, reflect on how your own experiences or thoughts are similar or different from the authors’.

•Focus on examples of globalization evident in your own daily experiences.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write one paragraph in which you define globalization. In a second paragraph, provide one example of the effect of globalization in your life, your profession, your community, or your academic institution.

•Refer to 2 specific examples from my course reading and record in your assignment information about each source, including author, year, page number, and publication title.