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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Strategy Application in teaching PECS to Autistic individuals

-You will write a short paper summarizing a strategy and applying that strategy to a real-world situation, preferably with an individual with autism.

-In your paper, you will summarize information about the strategy itself, the individual you used the strategy on, and what happened as a result of using Introduction: Describe the following in 1-2 sentences each:

-the goal of your strategy

-demographics of the individual(s) you’ve chosen to try the strategy on

-behavior you are targeting with the strategy

-rationale for choosing this strategy

-instructional objective


Methods: Describe the following in 1-2 sentences each:

-setting in which the strategy was used

-data collection system used

-brief steps of implementation

-any adaptations made to the strategy



Results: Describe the results of the strategy application in 2-3 sentences



Discussion: Describe the limitations and recommendations for future use of the strategy in 3-5 sentences. (this strategy.