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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Social Skills Intervention Project

SPE 566: Social Skills Intervention Project



The purpose of the Social Skills Intervention Project is to extend your understanding of behavioral interventions from textbook knowledge of concepts and principles to applications in real world contexts (e.g., classrooms) in the area of social skills.


General Information

This project will involve using the course readings and online discussions to develop a social skills intervention plan in which you will be teaching a new social skill to an individual who has some issues of behavior and who can benefit from social skills training. This project does not focus on problem behavior. You are to make your own arrangements for working with such an individual and follow all ethical procedures. The individual need not be of school age, and you can provide an intervention in your work place with permission from the appropriate authorizing party in your setting. You will need to include data and references where appropriate. This social skills project is worth 120 points.



You are to perform and summarize an applied project demonstrating mastery of material covered in this course. The written portion of this project should be a maximum of 10 pages. Reference pages, graphs and data sheets will not be counted in the 10 page limit. Each part of the social skills project should include headings as found in the scoring guidelines. Correct APA format is expected. Your project should include:

1) a narrative description of your applied project,

2) one completed data sheet, and

3) line graph summarizing the data.

Due Date

There are two due dates for this assignment: a draft version, and the final version. (See the Course Schedule for the specific dates.)
















Scoring Grid – Social Skills Intervention Project

Please use the scoring grid guideline to organize your social skills project.Note: An abstract and headers are required for this project. Please note: Do not submit the scoring grid with your assignment.


Expected Content


Points Earned Possible Points
Identify Social Skill and Implement Social Skills Intervention


Abstract – place after the title page

Describe the:

  • Purpose of the project (2 points)
  • Methodology, including the measurement and experimental procedure (2 points)
  • Results (1 point)
  • Implications and conclusions (1 point)


Describe the Student/Participant and Target Behavior (Heading)

·         Describe the Student/Participant (6 points)

·         Describe target behavior in observable and measurable terms. Describe the social skill that was increased – this is not a problem behavior for reduction. (3 points)

·         Rationale: Why you had chosen the targeted social skill? Your rationale must be centered on the subject. How did these behaviors affect the individual’s functioning? (3 points)

·         Explain why this skill has social validity in general.Support your rationale with a minimum of 2 citations from your text. (3 points)


Observational Method (Heading)

·         Description of when and how you observed the target behavior. (3 points)

·         Include the persons, settings, activities, and observation procedures. (5 points)

·         Rationale: Why was the selected technique the most appropriate technique for observing the target behaviors with this individual? (3 points)

·         Support your rationale for the choice of observation method with a minimum of 2 citations from your text. (4 points)


Data Collection (Heading)

·         Describe what data collection method you used to take baseline and intervention data on the targeted social skill behavior (i.e., frequency data, duration, parent/teacher interviews). (3 points)

·         How will you collect data and what specific tool will you use? (4 points)

·         Rationale: Why was the method the most appropriate data collection method for the target behavior? (4 points)

·         Include a minimum of 2 references from your course materials that support this method. (4 points)


Description of the Teaching Procedure (Heading)

·         What were the components of the teaching procedure? (3 points)

·         How did you teach the target behavior (shaping, chaining, prompting)? (3 points)

·         Rationale: Why was this method the most appropriate to teach this skill? (3 points)

·         Reference a minimum of 2 course readings on why this method was selected to teach this skill. (4 points)

·         Describe how the new skill was reinforced. (2 points)


Implementation of the Teaching Procedure (Heading)

·         How did you implement the teaching procedure and and its components? (5 points)

·         Describe, in detail the teaching session. Where, when and with whom? (5 points)


Graphing Data (Heading)

·         Graph both your baseline data and intervention data  with multiple data points (at least 3 for baseline and 5 for intervention). (4 points)

·         Information for your graph: Y-axis, X-axis, condition change lines, condition labels, data points, data path, figure caption. (7 points)


Analysis andResults for Outcomes (Heading)

·         Visual analysis of your data. Did your behavior increase? (2 points)

·         Include a completed example of your data sheet. (3 points)

·         Description of the intervention outcomes and what you would do based on each outcome. (4 points)

·         Include potential intervention strengths with your client. (2 points)

·         Include potential intervention limitations with your client. (2 points)

·         Include any possible changes that should be made to the plan. (2 points)

Reflection (Heading)

·         Strategies employed to increase the probability of generalization and maintenance (i.e., prompting techniques, fading of support). (2 points)

·         Reference a minimum of 2 course materials that support this technique. (4 points)

·         Describe challenges and successes. (2 points)

·         Description of what you learned throughout the process. (2 points)


APA Format & Mechanics

·         Correct format for citations

·         Correct format for references

·         Correct format for direct and indirect quotes

·         Two (or less) spelling, punctuation, grammatical or typographical errors

TOTAL   120



FAQs – Social Skills Intervention Project


  1. How is the grid scored?

    The grid is scored using the criteria found in the individual sections of the grid. To get a score of 120, you must meet all the criteria specified in every section of the grid and your paper must be written at a graduate level.


  1. What is APA and where can I find examples of format style?

    APA stands for American Psychological Association. APA is the writing format used in most social sciences. You can purchase a copy of the APA manual to find in-depth instruction and examples. For a short cut technique, use the examples found in your textbook as models. Notice how the citations are documented in the body (i.e., with the author’s last name and the date). Look at the Reference section for models for the complete citation; notice the authors’ names are in alphabetical order. You can also search the Internet to look for examples of APA. A good resource for APA style can be found at


  1. What does a “completed example of your data sheets” mean?

Example: I observed the child during recess on three consecutive days. I collected duration data on the number of minutes that he interacted with peers.  On Day 1 my data indicate that he interacted with peers for 5 minutes during a 15 minute recess period, on Day 2 …


  1. What does “description of target behavior in observable terms” mean?

Provide a clear and objective description of the behavior. You need to describe the social behavior that needs to be taught. Avoid using terms that refer to an emotional state (e.g., angry, upset, or sad) or intention (e.g., the child wants to make me upset, the child is trying to bother another student).


  1. How many errors can I make under the APA Format & Mechanics category?

No errors are to be made citing authors in the body of the text, or in the reference page, or with direct and indirect quotes. Mechanical errors such as  spelling, punctuation, grammatical or typographical errors should be less than two