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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Same-sex Parent Adoptions

Write up the first draft of your argument essay and post it as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf document. Use both the sources you compiled in your annotated bibliography (as well as any sources you found, read, summarized, and evaluated since writing your annotated bibliography) and your research essay outline to focus, structure, and develop your argument. Your first draft must contain and will be graded on the following elements: Proper APA or MLA manuscript format—10 points Proper APA or MLA citation format (both in-text and end-text) and use of at least five sources in the draft—10 points An opening that hooks readers’ interest and offers sufficient background information on the topic and a closing that concludes the essay in a satisfying way and leaves readers thinking about the writer’s argument—10 points A clear and accessible thesis that is phrased as a focused specific, debatable assertion—10 points Accessible topic sentences that introduce supporting paragraphs’ points and, in some cases, bear a relationship to the thesis that reasons have to a claim (i.e. answer “why” and “how” a writer takes a stance)—10 points Supporting paragraphs that offer adequate, detailed, relevant, and representative evidence that illustrates or otherwise develops the topic sentences—10 points Appropriate, accessible, and effective sentence and paragraph transitions that move the reader smoothly and logically between points in the essay—10 points Properly integrated source materials with clear and effective signal phrasing; varied quotes, summaries, and paraphrases; properly formatted in-text parenthetical page or paragraph references; and commentary on or response to the source text in light of what is being proved or illustrated in the paragraph—10 points Evidence of the writer’s anticipating and responding to conditions of rebuttal with refutation, concession, or qualification—10 points No sustained grammatical error and fewer than two grammatical or proofreading errors per page—10 points **THERE SHOULD ACTUALLY BE AT LEAST ONE SOURCE PER PAGE!!!***