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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Research one of the following programs: Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Child Abuse Elder Abuse Juvenile Delinquency

Research one of the following programs:

ï‚·Domestic Violence

ï‚·Sexual Assault

ï‚·Child Abuse

ï‚·Elder Abuse

ï‚·Juvenile Delinquency

Note. Confer with you team to ensure each team member does not select the same type of program. Your team should discuss a variety of programs in the Team Report Review assignment.

Write a 1,400- to 2,450-word report about your selected program that addresses the following:

ï‚·The type of family system in crisis the program was designed to help

ï‚·The mission of the program

ï‚·How the program was designed

ï‚·How services are delivered

ï‚·Intervention strategies used in this program

ï‚·How the program is evaluated

ï‚·Research in regards to program effectiveness or ineffectiveness


Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

Include a minimum of three academic references.