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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper : Pick an ethical decision that you are struggling with (if you can’t think of a current one, pick a decision you have had to make in the past) and write about the following…


1. Identify: Identify/Describe the ethical issue

2. Gather: Gather the facts… What are the relevant facts in the situation?

3. Multiple Perspectives: Examine your options for what to do from 3 perspectives. You must use the 3 perspectives from Chapter 3 in the Manning text: Consequences, Respect (can also be called “Code”), and Character. The “decision procedures” in that Chapter should be helpful.

4. Action: Share what you think your decision should be (or should have been) based on your analysis of the 3 perspectives. What is your decision about what to do and why is that your decision?