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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Public Health and Environment Question

Need help below no plagirsm , no work cited from wikipedia due 7/09/15


In Chapter 1 of your text, Designing Healthy Communities, Dr. Jackson discusses the idea of caritas, which can mean “love” or “charity.” He discusses several levels of caritas, starting with self-love and ending with nationalism. It is through caritas for your community that true change can occur. Dr. Jackson has found several examples where community love or pride can save a city. Peruse the website,


Identify at least four strategies that you might use to increase and maintain community involvement in solving a public-health issue in your own community.

  • State the public-health issue and the four strategies you would use.

Tips: In choosing your strategies, you’ll want to consider factors including the composition of your community, the amount of time that would need to be invested in order to implement strategies, and the resources and skills that might already be present in your community. Think about how you would go about recruiting people to support your action plan or how you would obtain needed resources to solve your issue.