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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Project Scenario 4

Project Scenario 4


  1. Purpose of RFP

    The purpose of this RFP is to solicit technical and legal consulting services for our Microsoft Office upgrade project. Pricing for (4) hours of legal consulting and (12) hours of technical consulting is required.

  2. Background
    1. The purpose of this project is to upgrade the Microsoft Office to latest version. In order for their services to be effective, all desktops, laptops and mobile devices should operate on the most current version of Microsoft Office.  Microsoft Office 2013 is the current version of the Office suite.  Since departments and personnel use different versions Microsoft Office, this has created some discrepancies in shipping and receiving process.


    1. The project will use different IT related tools. At the same time, project team members will utilize project management methodology to ensure the project is on correct track for the whole process.


  1. Basic Requirements
    1. Legal consultant requirements: extensive knowledge of distribution legal procedures. Extensive knowledge of distribution tax regulations. (2) Hours of service required, (2) reputable references of previous clients.
    2. Technical consultant requirements: extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office, different operating systems. Knowledge of different Microsoft Office products and should be able to customize those as per organization requirement. (12) Hours of service required, (2) reputable references of previous clients.
  2. Hardware and Software Environment
    1. Remote: Consultant will be provided with both hardware and software. The consultant is required to work in the organization premises. Access to company documents is granted to check the compatibility of the documents.
  3. Description of RFP process
    1. Individual or firm desiring to place a offer will complete and turn in desired application for the service contract they wish to place a bid. Application should be submitted to Digital media solutions.
    2. Application will be reviewed by project team. Interview will be scheduled if appropriate qualifications are covered in the application.
    3. Following the interview a meeting will be held by the project team to consider aspects of the prospective consultant. Modified terms will be discussed