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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Pollution Prevention

Research Topic: Pollution prevention has various meanings and is frequently used. Toxins use/reduction and source reduction are the narrowest terms, being restricted to raw material or production process changes. Pollution prevention promotes a hierarchy that favors source reduction, but also promotes other minimization techniques or treatment where production changes are in-feasible. Explain why the best approach is one that cost-effectively reduces waste, minimizes worker exposure to toxic materials, optimizes use materials, improves a product’s competitiveness in local and world markets, and enhances a company’s image of responsibility to the community.

Attachments include the topics of the paper, a well-organized and thoughtful five to seven page Research Paper. The title and reference pages are not included in the required paper length. Be sure to include section headings per APA publication guidelines. Your paper must contain at least five references, which may include Internet sources, books, professional journals, or resources related to the profession.

I have also attached the outline to help as a guide.