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Sample questions

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Nativism and Xenophobia

Nativism and Xenophobi

Nativism and xenophobia are two growing problems. Xenophobia is the fear of or prejudice against people from other nations. Nativism is an anti-immigrant ideology that advocates the protection of native inhabitants of a country from new or potential immigrants, who are seen as threatening. In both cases, many immigrants who came to America in pursuit of happiness and the American dream continue to encounter discomfort, rejection, and in some cases persecution because of their differences in culture, customs, traditions, and beliefs.

Prejudice and oppression against people of other nations still present us with many societal challenges; clearly, however, most would agree that there are benefits and will continue to be benefits of the cultural diversity represented by immigrants from many different nations.

For this assignment, you will explore perspectives about immigration and ethnic diversity in America.

To prepare:

•Review Chapters 4, 5, and 8 in the course text. Focus on the ways in which American society has reacted to the constant influx of immigrants from around the world.

•In the Discussion Exercises in Chapter 4, review “Exercise #2: The Immigration Letter to the Editor.” Also consider the Questions for Discussion.

Submit by Day 7 a 2- to 3-page letter in the same “letter to the editor” style as that shown in the text. Use the Questions for Discussion to guide your response. Taking care to concentrate on nativism and xenophobic behavior as they relate to immigration, answer the following questions:

•What did those who opposed immigration do to try to stop it?

•What did the descendants of immigrants do to try to stop discriminatory opposition to immigration?

Support your assertions by making at least two documented references to your course readings, following the examples of documentation in “Common Reference List Examples” (see the Resources for this week). Please use proper APA formatting to cite each of your sources.


Required Resources

Book Readings

•Koppelman, K. L. (2014). Understanding human differences: Multicultural education for a diverse America (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

oSection 2, “Cultural Foundations of Oppression in the United States”

Chapter 4, “Immigrants and Oppression: The Assault on Cultural and Language Diversity” (pp. 70–98)

Chapter 5, “Race and Oppression: The Experiences of People of Color in America” (pp. 99–134)

oSection 3, “Contemporary Dilemmas for Intergroup Relations”

Chapter 8, “Racism: Confronting a Legacy of White Domination in America” (pp. 182–205)