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Environmental issues

Varied arguments on natural selection hover around the universe. People of different beliefs and thoughts argue for or against the theory of natural selection, especially when it comes to human evolution. The major contending parties with respect to incorporating natural selection include the creationists and the scientists who support and arguments for natural selection (Isaak 2).

The arguments that creationist give a bid to discredit natural selection may have a very pleasant outward essentiality. However, detailed analysis of the arguments tends to operate on the basis of the assumption and blinded spiritual beliefs. It is, thus, appropriate to say that these beliefs do not bear any validity if they intend to create a different perception from the one on natural selection. Supporters of natural selection, unlike creationists, provide ample evidence concerning the initiation of gradual change or evolution of living creatures. Some of the natural supporters who initiated the research provided real proof with reference to primates and other birds to show how environment triggers changes in the state of the creature (Emerson 4).

However, the community seems to indicate a different perspective of communicating the real idea of natural selection. Maybe, a more simplified approach or practical approach could assist in explaining the truth in natural selection. For instance, there has been a more recent development, especially in the farm insects is a reliable example (Emerson 9). Ideally, this could form the basis of the better explanation of proof that the current and previous evolution issues are true.

The role of education is also paramount in protecting the theory of natural selection. It is advisable that the ancient, yet substantial information concerning the environment and natural selection, form the basis of the explaining this evolution. It will be easier to use the comparative approach to sensitize people on the reality as explained by the concept of natural selection.

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