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Sample questions

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MKT490 MODULE 1- 5 Discussions Thread Questions

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Read Jensch, J. (2013). Strategic marketing—Developing a corporate brand platform. The Quest Team. Available November 21, 2013, at strategic marketing platform also includes decisions related to segmentation, targeting, and positioning. View the slide show on brand personality available on November 21, 2013, at Read Kokemuller, N. (n.d.) Advantages and disadvantages of just-in-time inventory. Houston Chronicle. Available November 21, 2013, at Review the following articles:Push and pull marketing strategies (n.d.). Marketing made simple. Available November 21, 2013, at, J. (2012). Promotion – Push & pull strategies. Tutor2u, September 23. Available November 21, 2013, at Read Mealey, L. (2013). How to price your restaurant menu. Available November 21, 2013, at you are about open a 50-seat restaurant in the central business district of a mid-sized city. There are at least 20 eating places within 3 blocks of your location, including McDonald’s, several mid-priced ethnic restaurants, a brewpub, and 2 establishments with gourmet aspirations. You’ve chosen an “American Family” concept featuring comfort food, homemade pie, and daily soup specials. A common pricing model for restaurants is to price at 3 times food costs. However, upscale restaurants commonly use 2 times food costs and mass market chains tend toward 4 times food costs. Purchase the answer to view it
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