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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Marketing Questions For Marketing Tutors Only Please

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2. Marketing research seeking structured responses that can be summarized is called: 3. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning marketing research? 4. Regarding the marketing research process, defining the problem: 5. Lisa Campos was interested in buying a coffee pot to use at college and an MP3 player for her sister’s birthday present. At the local discount store, she compared prices on coffee pots and chose the cheapest. She read the product information on each MP3 player and finally chose one with stereo headphones and a rechargeable battery. For Lisa, the coffee pot was: 6. Packaging benefits consumers and marketers by adding value in which three ways? 9. When focus group interviews are used in marketing: 10. Whenever John shops for groceries, he gives an ID card to the clerk, who scans the number. Then the scanner records every purchase- including brands, sizes, prices, and any coupons used. John is most probably a: 16. A publisher of photography books finds that it is cost-effective to print 10,000 or more at a time. But a bookstore orders only a few copies of each book since its customers want to select from a wide variety. This example shows: 17. Josh Adams runs a large cattle farm in Texas. In order to take advantage of higher prices for beef in Europe compared to the United States, he has started selling cattle overseas by using an agent wholesaler who specializes in finding European customers for U.S. firms. He ships the cattle to Europe by water transport. Josh is involved in: 20. Midwest Tools, Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana owns a plant in Poland for manufacturing and selling machine tools in Europe. This type of international involvement is called: The following 4 questions are short answer and each should be a minimun of 300 words. No APA is required, bu strong and factual answers are. 21. How might you use different types of research (focus groups, observation, survey, and experiment) to forecast market reaction to a new kind of disposable baby diaper? Consider that this product is to receive no promotion other than what the retailer will give it, and the product will be offered at a competitive price. Assume the new diaper’s name will not be associated with other known products. 22. Using the broad definition of a product, identify and explain what products are being offered by a shop that specializes in bicycles; by a travel agent; by a supermarket; and, by a new car dealer 23. What are two examples of products that you think are currently in each of the product life-cycle stages? Consider services as well as physical goods. Justify why you chose that product or service for that life-cycle stage. 24.Find an example of vertical integration within your city, or a city you know. Are there any particular advantages to this vertical integration? If so, what are they? If there are no such advantages, how do you explain the integration?Purchase the answer to view it
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