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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Journaling Exercise/ Critiquing an article (2 parts)



Assignment: Journaling Exercise


Often, you may get the best results using a multistep process that provides adequate time to think, write, research, and rewrite. For this assignment, you will review the article by Peter Singer titled “America’s Shame.”


Using the Argosy University online library resources, review the article by Peter Singer.


Singer, P. (2009). America’s shame. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 55(27), B6–B10. (EBSCO AN 37137370)



Complete the following:


Record and describe six of your initial impressions of the article in a journal format.

Critically analyze each of these impressions and determine if they are value based, or fact based. Record these as part of your journal notes.

Support your statements with examples and appropriate scholarly references.




Write a 600–800-word paper in Word format. You may write your paper in standard essay format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.




After developing a 600-800 word journaling the above, take it a step further by writing an additional 1-2 pages constructing your own well-researched positions on the topic and offer thoughtful solutions to real-world problems. This assignment allows you to assess and defend the reasonableness of personal beliefs through critical assessment of Singer’s arguments and the presentation of your own, original arguments on the subject.


Summarize the main points of the article. Keep in mind that while bullet points are acceptable, complete sentences should be used throughout.


Complete the following:


Describe the portions of Singer’s article you seek to engage/critique.

Using the tools of evaluation you have learned throughout the course, create an original argument in response to Singer’s article that advances your own thesis in light of Singer’s argument. Clearly state your argument position, using complete sentences to do so.

Remember the nature of the stance is not important; you can agree or disagree with any point Singer makes within this article. The important thing is you construct a stance that clearly engages a portion of Singer’s text. Including properly cited examples from the article is suggested.

As you advance your own thesis, be sure to include your position on how to address the problems that Singer discusses in his article. Again, you may agree or disagree with Singer; however, be sure to offer your own solutions to the issue of world poverty, as discussed by Singer.

Support your argument with the use of original research. Use at least three credible, academic resources to support your positions. These should be sources other than Singer’s “America’s Shame” article.