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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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International Business Presentation Structure

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International Business Presentation Structure
Slide 1-2: Introduction
• Topic
• Members
• Outline of the presentation
• Reason to choose the topic
Slide 3 -10: Analyze the entering market
• Political Factors
Identify the political risk that lies with the country
Use High Impact/Likelihood Model to analyze

• Economic Factors
Identify the Economic Ideology for e.g. Market Driven Economy – Centrally determined economy – Mixed Economies
Exchange Rate
Taxes and Subsidies

• Social Factors
Religious Background you have to talk about
Ecological factors
Hofstede Cultural Model
Trompenaars (1993) cultural model

• Technology factors
Product Innovation
Process Innovation
Technology Diffusion
Science and technology infrastructure
Telephony/Internet capacity
Air, water & surface transport links
Power supply and reliability
Distribution & Logistics network

• Legal Factors
Foreign ownership restrictions
Environmental restrictions
Exit restrictions
Trade restrictions
TRIPS (Rights of intellectual property)

• Environmental Factors
Support to environment friendly activities e.g. Organic Farming etc.
Global Warming, Carbon foot prints and Tradable permits
Millennium development goals
UN Global compact model

Slide 11-17: Compare Host Country with Home Country
Same factors will be considered to analyze the Home Country to make a Comparison between Host and Home Country though some additional models and concepts can be used under the umbrella of Economic factors to make good comparison for example:
Absolute Advantage
Comparative advantage
Relative Unit labor Cost (RULC)
Ohlin’s Theory of International Trade
Slide 18-20: Proposed a strategy for the company to internationalize
Based on the analysis above you’re asking to propose an internationalization strategy from the following;
Indirect Exporting
Direct Exporting
Licensing and Franchising
Joint ventures
Direct Investment and Foreign Manufacture
Slide 21: Conclusion and Recommendations
A clear informative summary/conclusion with fully supported evaluations of the strategies discussed.
Slide 22: References
Harvard Reference list
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