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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Explanation Presentation:

Explanation Presentation:


Topics Due:Tuesday June 30 on Isidore


Speaking Notes Due:  Immediately Following Presentation (can be no longer than two pages and cannot include any full sentences, unless directly quoting a source).  Must include a works cited page.


Presentation Days:   Wednesday July 8

Thursday July 9

Friday July 10


Time Limit:  4 Minutes long; There is a thirty (30) second grace period on either end of that time mark within which you will not be penalized.  For every thirty (30) second period outside of that grace period you will be penalized three (3) points on your presentation grade up to a maximum of thirty (30) points.  For example, if your presentation runs 3:29 then you will have your grade for the presentation reduced by three (3) points, and if the presentation goes 2:47 then you will be penalized six (6) points, and so on.  The only official time is kept by the instructor and it begins the moment you start speaking.  The instructor can cut your presentation off in the interests of time, in which case you will receive a time penalty as appropriate and no credit for portions of the presentation you did not complete.


Source Requirement:  For this presentation you are required to use at least three (3) credible sources.   If you fail to use the appropriate number of acceptable sources you may be penalized twenty (20) points on your presentation grade.  Additionally, using websites such as Wikipedia,, AskJeeves, or other such online encyclopedias will result in an automatic zero (0) for the presentation grade.  Finally, although encouraged, interviews, personal correspondence, atlases, dictionaries and encyclopedias do not count toward your total number of sources—though they must be listed in the bibliography and properly cited within the outline.


 Topic:  The theme of this course is “Justice.”  For the first performance in this class you must select a topic related to “Justice” which you would like to explain to your partner.


Your topics must be submitted in the form of a specific purpose statement, not a phrase or title and must be completed through Isidore.  If they are not submitted on time then you will receive a five (5) point penalty on the assignment grade for each day late.  The object is to inform the class about something that may enhance a person’s perspective on a specific risk.


Task:  Students will explain a complicated subject related to the course theme in 4 minutes to a classmate.  The listener will be randomly assigned on the day of the presentation.  The listener must pay close attention to the speaker and at the conclusion of the presentation will answer a list of questions pertaining to his/her partner’s presentation.  This “answers” will be part of the speaker’s grade as well as the listener’s grade.  All students will have the opportunity to play both roles at least once.

















Explanation Presentation Evaluation Sheet


Speaker: _________________________________________                                  Section #:______________

Topic: ___________________________________________                                                Date: _________________


Introduction                                                                                                                                                         ____ / 10

Gained attention and interest ____

Established credibility and goodwill____

Introduced topic clearly____


Body                                                                                                                                                                      ___ / 25

Adheres to assignment directions____

Complexity of topic____

Topic appropriate and sufficiently narrowed____

Main points clear____

Main points well supported ____

Quality of supporting materials____

Cite sources properly____

Use of metaphors____

Use of analogies____

Use of similes____

Use of definitions____

Interesting and appropriate language____

Related topic to the audience____



Conclusion                                                                                                                                                           ____ / 10

Summary of main points____


Physical Delivery                                                                                                                                 ____ / 15

Posture (no swaying, moving back and forth, etc.)____

Eye contact____


Appropriate gestures____

Visual Aid ____


Vocal Delivery                                                                                                                                                     ____ / 15


Controlled vocalized pauses____


Vocal Variety (tone, pitch, etc.)____

Extemporaneous delivery style____


Speaking Notes                                                                                                                                                   ____ / 10

Speaking notes typed and adheres to extemporaneous style____

Works cited in proper format____


Response by listener                                                                                                                                           ____/10


Role as listener for classmate                                                                                                                            ____/5


Time: ___________________


Time penalty (if applicable): __________________


Other comments:                                                                                                  Total Grade: _________ / 100

Letter Grade: ____________