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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Discussion Question(If You Agree To Complete Assisgnment You Understand That It Is Due In 6 Hours). Also You Must Respond To Three Parts.

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Behaviorism Criticized
Please respond to the following: Describe a learning situation in which you or another person had difficulty in achieving a desired performance. Develop a plan to improve performance using the techniques discussed in this chapter.Please respond to the peer. A learning situation in which I had a difficult situation with achieving a desired performance was when my niece was having trouble staying focused in class and acting out in class as well. A plan that I would develop to improve performance in class was to remove her desired iPhone from her possession until she shows great improvement with her behavior in class. I would speak with her instructor and explain what was occurring. My niece would have to have her teacher sign a document that I drafted stating that my niece was satisfying her behavior goal every day. What could fail in this, is that my niece could not be truthful with me with getting her teacher to sign the documentation, having someone to forge the teacher signature. What I could do to fix this would be to make sure I follow up with the teacher, establishing a good rapport with the teacher first, and doing a personal phone call to make sure that my niece was adherent to the desired behavior change. Purchase the answer to view it
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