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Annotated Bibliographies papers


Annotated Bibliography

Jacobs, L., & Skocpol, T. (2010). Health care reform and American politics. New York: Oxford University Press.

In the book the authors have an in-depth look at the various concerns that are in association with the current state of affairs in the unite states. The book gives an analysis of the how the different sides of the political realm have a view of the current state and expected changes.

Merino, N. (2011). Health care. Detroit, MI: Greenhaven Press.

In the book the author gives an overview of the healthcare system. They also have a look at the systems keeping into consideration the various challenges that are associated with the fails in the application of reforms by the Obama government. In addition to this the author also gives suggestions on the way forward on the different challenges faced.

Miller, R., & Hutton, R. (2000). Problems in health care law. Gaithersburg, Md.: Aspen Publishers.

The authors also examine the different aspects of the health care, placing key focus on the primary challenges and offering tentative solutions to the current state of affairs. In addition the author also helps detail the key essentials in the solution to the health care challenges.

Stavans, I. (2010). Health care. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Greenwood.

Stavans looks at the health care system in a dynamic manner. He looks at the pros and cons of the current legislation and the practices tat are in force in the current healthcare environment. However the author is a bit one sided in the as he places the blame on the fails in the health care system on the poor planning of the health care plans.

Waldman, D. (2010). Uproot U.S. healthcare. Abuquerque, N.M.: ADM Books.

Waldman in his book uproot US health care has a look at the failures in the health care system putting key emphasis on both the political and economic aspect of the healthcare system. in the book the author recommends several aspect that need change in the health care system but conclude that it would be best to have a complete overhaul of the system.