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Sample questions

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Alcohol in U.S. Society , sociology homework help

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Question description
Any substance taken into the body may have significant effects. All too often we have discovered these effects to be more harmful than we had previously thought. Chemical additives, fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics given to livestock destined for the table, or chemicals such as BPA and phthalates found in plastics. If only as much attention were paid to alcohol and other drug use as is paid to other products, health would be significantly improved.
Many of the devastating yet largely avoidable problems our society encounters as a result of substance use—including accidents, traffic fatalities, domestic violence, suicide, and homicides—may be lessened if uninformed and ill-considered use is replaced by greater knowledge about the effects of the drugs we use, and in particular the legal drug we drink and the legal drug we smoke.
It is also recognized that those who begin drinking at an earlier age are at increased risk of alcohol dependence in later life.
Analyze whether this early substance use has a disproportionate impact down the road.
What is your advice for the moderate drinker?
Discuss alcohol-drug interactions and the affects.
How much alcohol and in the size of a person raises blood alcohol concentration? How fast does it take for the alcohol to be elevated?
What is the immediate effect of alcohol on the various body organs and functions?
Discuss acute overdose and toxicity with alcohol.
Discussion Participation (30%)
Grading Rubric and Participation Requirements
One primary post (New Topic) as your initial discussion post thread – min. 200 words/post
One secondary response (Respond) to classmates – min. 100 words/post
All posts are to be substantive responses reflective of the reading content.
Each post will be graded per the overall grading rubric for content and adherence to the performance guidelines
Primary post earns up to 20 points
Response to peers earns up to 17.5 points
Posting Tip:
Posting is not just posting what every other student posts, but about bringing out original and insightful ideas on, in this case, the discussion board. Therefore, you should strive each week to improve your posting skills by offering thorough and clear writings by bringing up fresh perspectives on the given topic.
Other Requirements:
Discussion questions must meet the APA formatting meaning you cannot just copy information from a website.
Use scholarly peer-reviewed resources to support your viewpoints.
Use a minimum of one resource to support your position.
Do not write the website address as your reference (, but write the resource meeting the APA formatting. (Examples were provided under the announcements).
DO NOT use resources such as Wikipedia, eHow, WiseGEEK, Wikihow, About… If in doubt please ask.
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