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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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A Couple Questions I Need Assistance With Please

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a. Find the cost.b. Find the selling price. (Round both to the nearest cent) Twenty decorative enamel balls cost $12.26 each and are marked up $9.05.a. Find the selling price for each one. b. Find the total amount of margin or markup for the 20 balls. A sofa costs $394 and sells for $669.80, which is 170% of the cost. a.. Find the rate of the markupb. Find the markup What is the cost of a sink that is marked up $182 if the markup rate is 60% based on cost?
The cost is $_____________________ Selling price = $1820 cost = $748 Find the rate of markup based on the selling price. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent. Markup rate based on selling price = 19% markup =$280 Find the selling price. Round to the nearest cent. Paul’s Grocery received 1000 pounds of onions at $0.12 per pound. On average 3% of the onions will spoil before selling. Find the selling price per pound to obtain a markup rate of 180% based on cost. Round to the nearest cent. Purchase the answer to view it
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