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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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8 Questions (must Be Done In 8 Hrs Please)

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. 2. Suppose you worked for a company that produced a software product like eBay. Explain how you would go about measuring customer satisfaction with this product shortly after its release. Specify what you would measure and how you would measure it and what you would do with the results. 3.. One of the ways that software metrics can be used is to validate best practices. For example, suppose your company currently uses software inspections for all modules with a cyclomatic complexity of 10 or greater. How would you go about using metrics to validate this as a “best practice”? 4.. Explain how you would use software metrics to help minimize the number of defects found by customers after release. That is, specifically, what would you measure and how would you use that information to ensure the delivery of a product with a minimal number of defects? 9. Explain how metrics could be used during testing to determine the effectiveness of the testing process and to predict the amount of testing required. That is, explain what you would measure and when and how the results would help you to assess the effectiveness of the testing process and help you predict how much testing is required for a given software system. 10. Explain why some metrics data collected should be kept private while other data should be publically available. Specify what types of data fit into each category (public vs. private) and both the benefits of freely sharing some information and the dangers of sharing other data. 11. Explain how you would use defect data to drive process improvement. Specifically, explain what data you would collect regarding software defects, how you would collect it and ensure its validity, how you would analyze it, and how you would use the results to identify and justify areas for process improvements. 12. Assume you worked for a small company developing Web-based software. Further assume that your company presently makes no use of software metrics. If you were allowed to identify and collect data for only one metric (it can be a complex metric involving many measures), which metric would you choose and how would you use the information you obtained. (Although you are only allowed to identify one metric, assume that you are free to collect data at any time and as often as you like during the development process.) Purchase the answer to view it
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